Enziety is a brand that aims to spread awareness of anxiety and depression through artistic designs. Javier Rios approached me with the idea of utilizing this brand to sell t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, and accessories and donate portions of profits to organizations that offer help to those dealing with anxiety and depression.
With a target audience of Teens & Young adluts (ages 13 - late 20's), Javier aimed for a brand with the juxtaposition of a dark vibe that delivers positive and uplifting messages. The subject matter would consist of skulls, snakes, fire, angels, demons, hearts, swords, and animals portrayed in a 50's styled comic book art style.
The typeface compliments the vibe I was going for. A dark, almost gritty feel. It is custom made and almost condensed. All caps, with cross bars on the Z, and T in order to make a unique and distinguished logo-type. The first E has a swirly descender going under the N to add a juxtaposition of a whimsical element in a very stern design.
Skull Design
Javier and I talked about the brand and I offered to donate a design that would have all of its profit donated to a mental health charity. My idea was an illustration of a split skull with a snake inside.

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