Brand Campaign

The internet is an incredible tool that is under threat of censorship. The idea of censoring the internet can potentially lead to a biased list of content that only the government will allow us to know. This campaign will help to avoid descending into a country of suppressed information that is filtered by the government. The process began with brainstorming ideas.
After the name "Weblock" was chosen, the logo was crated. It uses negative space to emphasize the "E" in the word WEB. This message of fighting internet censorship is derived from the letter "e" that is used to reference the word "ethernet".
The brand image is blatantly aggressive. It is meant to provoke emotions of anger in order to catch attention meanwhile having a color scheme that emits trust. Examples of media and collateral design spread the awareness.
No brand is complete without their own website. This call to action is sure to engage people to take action against internet censorship wether it be from sending a message to their Congressman through the website or spreading their supports with Weblock merchandise.
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